Why be a FoCM member?

As things stand, FoCM is being run by its Board of Directors. Unlike other organisations, FoCM does not have a formal membership structure, with rights (electing the governing bodies), benefits (membership services) and obligations (membership fees). However there is a category of Participating members. Everybody with an interest in the core activities of FoCM can be a member. But why bother?

Several reasons:

Firstly, you will be joining a data base of colleagues with an interest in foundations of computational mathematics. This will help us to keep in contact, inform you about our activities and let us form a better-informed view of the range of interests and geographic spread of the FoCM community.

Secondly, you will receive a reduced membership price on Journal of FoCM and other FoCM publications.

Finally, all the activities of FoCM are done on a voluntary basis, by individuals committed to this project. We like to believe that the institution of participating membership will help to bring additional colleagues into the realm of FoCM activity.

Clearing Method

Please use the form below either to register as a new member or to amend details of an existing member.