The Journal of the Society for the Foundations of Computational Mathematics

The journal Foundations of Computational Mathematics publishes research and survey papers of the highest quality which further the understanding of the connections between mathematics and computation. The journal aims to promote the exploration of all fundamental issues underlying the creative tension among mathematics, computer science and application areas unencumbered by any external criteria such as the pressure for applications. The journal thus serves an increasingly important and applicable area of mathematics. The journal hopes to further the understanding of the deep relationships between mathematical theory: analysis, topology, geometry and algebra, and the computational processes as they are evolving in tandem with the modern computer.


  Markus Bachmayr 2023 -
  Teresa Krick 2020 -
  Hans Munthe-Kaas 2017 - 2023
  Albert Cohen 2014 - 2020
  Felipe Cucker 2011 - 2017
  Michael Todd 2009 - 2014
  Arieh Iserles 2002 - 2011
  Peter Olver 2002 - 2008
  Mike Shub 2000 - 2002