Governance of FoCM, 2014-2017

The term of office of all FoCM committees is from one FoCM conference to the next.
In practice this means two-three years.

The day-to-day affairs are being managed by the FoCM Executive Committee.
As of December 2014, the Executive Committee:

FoCM Executive Committee

Title Name Affiliation
Chair Wolfgang Dahmen RWTH Aachen, Germany
Secretary Angela Kunoth University of Cologne, Germany
Treasurer Javier Peña Carnegie Mellon University, USA

The governing body of FoCM is its Board of Directors which in addition, to the three members
of the FoCM Executive Committee, includes:

Board of Directors

Title Name Affiliation
JFoCM Editor Albert Cohen Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
" Felipe Cucker City University of Hong Kong
Member-at-large Agnes Szanto North Carolina State University, USA
" Annalisa Buffa IMATI "E. Magenes" - CNR, Italy
" Andrew Odlizko University of Minnesota, USA
" Antonella Zanna University of Bergen, Germany
" Carlos Beltrán Universidad de Cantabria, Spain
" Frances Kuo University of New South Wales, Australia
" Hans Munthe-Kaas University of Bergen, Germany
" Martin Hairer University of Warwick, UK,
" Michael Singer North Carolina State University, USA
" Ricardo Nochetto University of Maryland, USA,
" Shmuel Weinberger University of Chicago, USA
" Teresa Krick University of Buenos Aires, Argentina


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