FoCM Events

Other important events that have been organised with FoCM's involvement are longer periods of study and research, typically focussed on a number of themes within the remit of the society.

Foundations of Computational Mathematics
Fields Institute
Fields Institute, Toronto, Autumn 2009
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Main themes:
Computational Algebraic Geometry and Symbolic Computation
Computational Number Theory
Computational Geometry, Topology, and Dynamics
Complexity and Computability in Real Computation
Optimization Theory

Follow-up Conference:
From Dynamics to Complexity
A conference celebrating the work of Mike Shub
Fields Institute, Toronto, May 2012

Foundations of Computational Mathematics
Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Autumn 1999

Main details
Workshop: Complexity of multivariate problems
Workshop: Complexity of equation solving and algebra
Workshop: Minimal energy problems
Workshop: Wavelets and multiresolution

Foundations of Computational Mathematics
MSRI, Berkeley, August-December 1998

Organising committee
Introductory workshop
Workshop: Solving systems of equations
Workshop: Complexity
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute