FoCM Conferences

A major FoCM activity are FoCM conferences, which are held once every three years in different corners of the globe. Indeed, historically FoCM started its existence as an outcome of such a conference!

FoCM conferences follow a set pattern: mornings are devoted to plenary talks, while in the afternoon the conference divides into a number of workshops, each devoted to a different theme within the broad theme of foundations of computational mathematics. This structure allows for a very high standard of presentation, while affording endless opportunities for cross-fertilization and communication across subject boundaries.


FoCM 2020 conference

June, 2020
Main local organiser:

FoCM 2017 conference

10-19 July, 2017
Main local organiser: Martin Sombra
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FoCM 2014 conference

11-20 December 2014.
Main local organiser: Alejandra Rodriguez Hertz
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FoCM 2011 conference

4-14 July 2011.
Main local organiser: Agnes Szanto
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FoCM 2008 conference
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
16-26 June 2008.
Main local organiser: Felipe Cucker
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FoCM 2005 conference
Universidad de Cantabria, Santander, Spain
30 June - 9 July 2005.
Main local organiser: Luis Pardo
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FoCM 2002 conference
University of Minnesota as guests of Institute for
Mathematics and its Applications, Minneapolis
5-14 August 2002.
Main local organisers: Willard Miller and Peter Olver
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FoCM'99 conference
18-28 July 1999
Organising committee
Plenary speakers

Rio de Janeiro
5-12 January 1997
International Organising Committee
Local Organising Committee
Group photograph

AMS-SIAM Summer Seminar
Park City, Utah
17 July - 11 August 1995
Preliminary announcement
Panel discussion


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